Hi, I'm Bea.

I'm a Designer in love with logo design and minimalism. I graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design and recently gained experience in UI/UX design.

During my final year in university I worked with our student-based group, Infinite Machine, to develop their organization brand and design user interface assets for our collaborative project. Our very first video game, Paper Dream, became a Top 5 Finalist in the E3 2014 College Game Competition. I was among the few students selected to represent our university at the annual convention in Los Angeles, California.

Straight out of college, I involved myself in freelance projects that aided brand-sponsored online gamers, and I supported the overall growth of the gaming industry through my involvement with eSports-related content creation on the news website, Daily Dot. For a brief period of time, I worked as a web producer for a small advertising agency, but I decided to switch gears by moving on to user interface design.

I am currently employed as a UI/UX designer at Optum Technologies; I'm charged with tackling user interface challenges, providing user experience insight for user interface system design overhauls, and creating prototype websites in Axure 8 for usability testing.